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Custom furniture design


All of our designs, from bathroom remodels to kitchen remodels, great room designs or master bedroom designs,  every room and every look we create is customized to our clients needs and desires.  This includes, but is not limited to, coloration, space planning, overall design theme,  furniture choices,  rug selections,  lighting options, etc.  The goal is to create a harmonious interior environment for our clients, but also to create a stunning look.  Many times this can be created with custom furniture, which one cannot just find sitting on the showroom floor. It is the kind of piece of furniture that is customized to our color scheme, to a special room design and one can tell immediately by looking at it, that some more thought and planning went into creating this special designer’s look.

Lorts furniture is perfect for this application and it always amazes me how different the same piece of furniture can look with a different color scheme, distress level of even two colors on one piece of furniture. There are also lots of different fabric options for upholstery pieces, headboards, built in units as well as custom built furniture pieces with Lorts. This is just one company that offers many design options, we carry a few other lines that allow us the same level of customization.

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Functional window treatments and flat Roman shades

Diane and I help a lot of people with remodeling of their kitchen, bathroom or any other room in their house as well as new construction, and a lot of times we need to decide if our customers would prefer blinds or functional window treatments, silhouettes or any other kind of window covering.  We also need to decide with our customers if they would like the window treatments to be functional or nonfunctional. Usually this is not just a question of interior design and the overall look,  but also what kind of functionality one is trying to achieve with it. In this case I am talking about Roman shades. We manufacture a lot of Roman shades in our custom window treatment workroom, because not only are they able to give you privacy if needed, but you can also pull them completely up and get a view without any obstruction. As you can see in the pictures our Roman shades have continuous cord  chains that are being attached to the side of the window frame. We like this because  it looks clean and there are no cords hanging on the side without being attached to the frame.  Also they are flat Roman shades which take less fabric them for example a hobbled Roman shade. So if cost is a factor this might help with the budget.



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Seasonal decorating of Knoxville homes and businesses

Yes the Holidays are around the corner and it’s time to decorate our homes – and businesses- for this festive season!  The attached pictures are from one customer’s home as well as two trees from Jewelry TV Network.  We love to design trees and holiday decorations around our customers interior design style as well as color scheme – and a great way to do this is with decorative ribbons. All the ribbons we use have strong wires in them in order to “drape” them properly.

We usually go to the Christmas market in Atlanta every January right after the holidays in order to place our order for next year. We know that it’s hard to plan ahead so much in advance, but usually items get sold out and that makes it hard if we are targeting a certain look.

We decorate many homes in the Knoxville area and usually book our clients a year in advance. We come in, decorate the home and come back after the holidays and store it back away at our customers home.

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Great room custom window treatments

Here is a greatroom custom window treatments design which we recently finished. This was a huge project because of the height of the draperies which was 19 1/2 feet tall. All the drapery hardware is solid black wrought iron in order for it to have girth,  for it to be in proportion, and for it to be sturdy enough to take all the weight of our lines and interlined custom draperies. Diane, who did the design for this window treatment,  pulled all the colors for the fabrics out of the rug. The large panels are in an olive green, and she used a very beautiful decorative black red gold and beige print for the lower draperies.  Fabricating the draperies in our own custom window treatment workroom was a challenge, however it was also fun to be making such large draperies  and to be working with so much fabric.

One of the main stipulations for this window treatment was to make sure, that we are not blocking the view and that the majority of the fabric will be covering only the wall.  It was also amazing to see how the draperies transformed this great room design, not only did they give it so much more warmth, it also helped with the sound tremendously which was one of the problems they’ve been, especially when watching  TV.  The drapery installation took just about a day, a big majority of it was ironing all the draperies before they were hung.

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