Flooring trends for interior spaces

I am currently working on a couple of remodeling jobs and new construction homes and flooring choices are always big decisions to make for many obvious reasons. We desire them to be stylish, the right color  and a beautiful design, we want them to be durable and practical and most of the time we would like them to be as maintenance free as possible. Fortunately flooring designs and options have changed and improved a lot over the last decade  that the only problem might be, that there are too many options! But what a great problem to have for any interior designer or decorator ! Knoxville and surrounding areas have been blessed with great steady growth for new construction ( may it be in the downtown area with condos and apartments or out west in the Farragut area with new subdivisions), therefor it makes sense that we continue to see old flooring stores to revamp themselves with new innovated products as well as new flooring stores popping up. Historically flooring developed slowely. Natural materials were the only options with stone and wood planks leading the forefront which up to this date are still the most popular choices for our homes.

I will write about flooring choices and design options in the next few days.

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Outdoor accessories and accents

Now that spring/summer is here, it’s time to spruce up the outside and decorate our exterior living spaces. Below are pictures of some cool outdoor accessories we carry, some of which are functional and some are decorative only. Stainless steel finishes maintain the sheen and flawless look and I can attest to this since I’ve been decorating my outdoors with these products for years. The stainless steel torchieres come in 3 different sizes and they make a stunning statement. The latest addition to our outdoor design was a  57” diameter metal fire pit which not only screams drama, but also can be moved around as needed and in an instant change any exterior Design.


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Master bathroom remodel










Today I am featuring a master bathroom remodeling project which was tackled before putting this stunning house on the market. I have been working with the home owners for over a decade, working on their kitchen design, foyer remodel, furniture and custom window treatments in various areas of the house, dining room and living room design, movie theater, wine cellar, gym and  kitchen design for the basement area…. etc. It is a beautiful, large home and I have more information for anybody who is interested in seeing this house to purchase it.

As you can see below in the before and after pictures, we decided to take out the columns and revamp the layout by not losing any storage, but by adding cabinets on top of the granite counter tops. Not only did it increase the storage space, but also opened up the floor plan and allowed for a different bath tub design. We added new lighting from Visual Comfort Lighting and decided on a gray/taupe color scheme for the walls from Benjamin Moore. The tile flooring is heated and a new silhouette from Hunter Douglas for privacy was installed.




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Showhouse to benefit Alzheimer’s foundation

We recently had our first meeting of Knoxville designers and Home owners for our 2018  Alzheimer’s Show House in Knoxville to benefit the  foundation and awareness of this devastating disease. The meeting was lead by our fabulous chairman/design coordinator Elizabeth Grant who has been working hard on this project for at least a year to make this happen.

We are all excited for so many reasons to be taking part in this wonderful opportunity and to be able to showcase our individual designs for each room.

The first show house is owned by builder Scott Davis and his wife Hope who are undertaking a complete custom remodeling job from top to bottom, including the exterior. They hired architect Steven Davis to draw up plans for this remodel and Diane and myself will be tackling the great room / living room for this event.

The property is right off Northshore close to Kensington subdivision,  has a small lake, horses, and  an amazing barn which will be used for various events in the upcoming months.

Our home owner Hope will be meeting with individual designers and share her ideas and thoughts for what she would like to accomplish with the room designs.  This will give us an opportunity to determine color scheme, design style, custom window treatments, furniture, rug, lighting, art and accessories. Besides the overall look, this will also give us an opportunity to learn about this family’s lifestyle, entertaining habits etc. in order to select the right furniture pieces, seating arrangements and so forth.


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Note from Design Client

It is always nice to get a great review from a new design client after finishing a home project.

From our client Deb:

“***** I am so thankful for the day I stopped by Wolfgang Interiors in search of some items to finish off a small project. Wolfgang is an absolute delight to work with. He is the consummate professional, , innovative and extremely knowledgeable in his profession. His whole approach, funny, engaging and warm, really helped take the angst out of the interior design process. Wolfgang truly strives to meet the needs of his clients regardless of their budget and delivers the best quality possible given the client’s constraints. Wolfgang really takes the time to listen to determine your taste and style before initiating the design process. At no time did I feel I was being guided towards purchasing something that I didn’t truly love. It was a long process decorating our home, due mainly to the fact that we do not reside in TN full time. Wolfgang was fantastic about sending updates and photos as the project was completed in our absence. My only regret is that we found Wolfgang late in the process. I can only imagine how our home would have looked had he overseen the entire design project. I look forward to working with Wolfgang in finding those last few finishing touches. And can’t wait to find an excuse for some large scale redecorating in the future!”




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Custom drapery panels

I have blogged about this before, but the trend to go with straight functional side panels is stronger now than ever before. Homeowners realize that not only do they add a decorative element, but full length draperies and custom window treatments also add a functional aspect that can add privacy and comfort. Our in house custom drapery workroom has been specializing in the art of enhancing our homeowner’s living spaces and maximizing design and function. We also enjoy our relationship with Blackberry Farm, Walland, TN for who we have been – and are – fabricating custom draperies and bedding.


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Furniture market finds

Recently we went to yet another furniture and design market (also known as a gift market) in Atlanta. We try to educate ourselves 4 times every year on latest design and decorating trends, new product information on existing and new lighting, furniture and accessory lines we carry. All in order to incorporate new design looks and customize our work to each specific client.

One item I really enjoyed finding, was an oval side table which is perfect for lots of applications because of its size and wood finish.

For a little more modern interior design (transitional to be exact) we found a slick bedside table/nightstand with antique brass legs and inserts. One great feature which we always look for in quality furniture are soft close drawers which are incorporated in this beautiful piece.

Our next market will be in Highpoint, NC which is the international furniture market with vendors from all over the world as well as buyers from all over the world.


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Bearden Remodeling project

I am excited to be working on a new remodeling job in the Bearden area. This is an older home, built approximately 20 years ago in a more traditional style, and we are completely changing it into a modern, contemporary home.  The majority of the time so far has been spent on reworking and rearranging living spaces, taking out walls and replacing them with contemporary steel beams, and working on interior finishes from flooring to wall as well as lighting. The kitchen and  bathrooms have been designed and the homeowner has ordered a free floating staircase with reclaimed wood steps and glass walls which will be a stunning focal point.

Major changes will also happen with the exterior and we are going to start working on interior furnishings and living spaces. I will continue to post pictures as this remodeling job is moving along.


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Stain proof fabrics

Is there such a thing as stain proof fabric? Not really. However there are fabrics on the market with new technologies.  Some of those fabrics ( offered by companies like Kravet,  Duralee, Fabricut, etc) with Nano technology or so called krypton fabrics, actually repel water and other liquids.

I am currently working on a job at Blackberry Farm, where they requested a fabric that would repell liquids. We are using this fabric mainly for seat cushions on built-in dormers, for pillows, as well as around the dining room table banquette. Of course those fabrics also come in handy to upholster furniture.

Event though those fabrics are much more durable, the cost of these fabrics is not much higher than quality upholstery fabric.


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Machine washable Lili Alessandra bedding

 I am blogging today to prove a point. Our washable bedding from Lili Alessandra even gets the stamp of approval from our four-legged friends and family members.

 I am in the process of making custom draperies and custom bedding for one of my customers and some of her bedding is from Lili Alessandra with a washable coverlet.  She picked up the coverlet yesterday and her cats are loving it today on this rainy Saturday!

 Lili Alessandra bedding  not only features beautiful color and design combinations, however  the machine washable bedding in linens, velvets ans polyester blends offer the highest quality and functionality.

The design possibilities are endless and we can mix in unique pillow fabrics or create custom draperies to complete a room design.

Thank you Beth for sharing pictures of your cute little kitties!!


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