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From our custom drapery workroom

Today was a fun day at our In-house custom drapery workroom. Diane, one of Knoxville’s premiere interior designers – (AND fashion guru) knows how to match fabrics and bring class and style to any room. Currently we are working on a design project ( great room, guest bedroom and master bathroom) where all of our draperies and window treatments are 130 ”  in finished length and beautiful solid linen fabrics. They will be inverted pinch pleats, lined as well as having interlining. Diane’s workroom orders are always so on target and detailed – it just simply is a joy making  custom draperies and bedding for her. 

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Commercial interior design and decorating in Knoxville

As a business owner, I know and understand the importance of creating a certain image with your company. You get one shot at making a first impression, and this will determine if clients will come back to do business with you or not.  During the last 15 years of designing and decorating residential and commercial spaces in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, my interior design firm has mainly been focusing on the interiors of private residences; however, in the last few years, we have increasingly been helping other businesses with their interior design and their look. I am a firm believer that the interior of someone’s business (just like the interior design and style of our  own home) is a direct refelction of their work, passion for their profession, and customer service, and without a doubt, a friendly, chic, and updated atmosphere helps increase someone’s business and traffic. Our job at Wolfgang Interiors & Gifts is to help transform workplaces into an interior environment that reflects their services and to make a statement for their business. If this is successfully achieved, then our goal as interior designers and interior decorators is accomplished.

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Custom window treatments, custom bedding, custom draperies

Pillows from our custom window treatments and drapery workroom. We also specialize in fabricating custom bedding and are always striving to come up with new designs and ideas. As a Knoxville, Tennesee based interior designer and decorator I often come back to my European roots in order to get inspired with my designs. Our award winning designs have been featured in numerous  publications, as well as on HGTV and the Food Network TV, and sometimes little details –  like the cording and edging on those pillows – can set you off from your design competition.

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Wall Color Selection

A lot of times we get hired to assist clients with wall color selection. A big color trend for myself has actually been pure white. I know that many believe that it’s not adding a punch to a room, but I love for the furniture and art, lighting and accessories to be the punch a nicely designed room needs. I also love how it keep everything light and crisp. We do, however, use accent walls painted in a different hue or use wallpaper to create contrast. This room for example, with Taylor King sofa and barrel chair, is a more monochromatic interior design, but imagine a beautiful yellow floral arrangement in the center of this table or red roses would creat a beautiful accent piece and bring in some fun colors. 

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Bridal registry, Juliska and Table lamp

Some lamps scream “classy”, “sophisticated”, “timeless” and “sexy”. This lamp is one of them!!! We have placed two of these table lamps last year at the Knoxville Symphony Show House and they were a hit!

And the backdrop for this lamp shows Juliska dishes which are part of our Knoxville Bridal Registry. 

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Christmas and decorating for the Holidays

I can’t believe that half of this year 2015 is almost done, and we are about six months away from Christmas. As a matter of fact, we already did all of our Christmas shopping for 2015 in January of this year at the Atlanta Gift Mart , and we are about three months away from putting out fall items and Christmas items at the store!

I know this is crazy, and nobody really wants to think about this right now in the middle of the summer heat, however we are booking clients throughout the entire year to decorate their homes for the holidays. Not just private residences, but also businesses. Attached are a couple of images of our job last year at the Jewelry TV network where we decorated all the studios as well as common areas like conference rooms, offices and common areas. 

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Dining room design and remodel

This dining room design might be one of my favorites! It is not a huge room, but all the elements together make this a very comfy, warm and inviting atmosphere. The dining room furniture from Noir has a gray hue and it creates a perfect contrast with the warm beige and off whites in this dining room. Also our York wallpaper with a more geometric design adds interest as well as the Visual Comfort light fixture. The custom draperies are linen and were hung on black wrought iron rods. The rug from Jaipur rugs creates a fun color pallet and pulls it all together. I just love it!!!

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Master bathroom remodel

Just completed a fabulous new master bathroom remodeling job. The cabinet color chosen is a dark ash and the countertops are a light gray/white Quartz. The visual comfort lighting looks great and our Luna Bella vanity chair adds the extra touch! We also remodeled the master shower with new floor to ceiling tile and solid glass doors and it also reflects our “grayish” color scheme. We also carried the same theme into the master bedroom which was also completely remodeled and redesigned. noir furniture for the bed and night stand, a Curry and Company chandelier and Lili Alessandra bedding completed this job. Oh well – and our custom draperies made out of linen fabric.

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Visual comfort lighting

We found a lot of great new lighting at market from Visual Comfort which we love to use for our bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling projects or for any new construction project we are currently working on. Their styles go from traditional to very transitional and clean lines and come in a variety of different finishes. 

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Custom window treatments

Hot summer days are around the corner,  and this is a great time of the year to think about adding custom window treatments to your list of interior design projects. Not only are panels pretty and can soften the look of a room, but extra layers of interlining or blackout lining will also help with your air conditioning bill in summer (and heating in winter).

At our design firm we custom make all of our own window treatments, draperies and bedding in house. This way we cut out the middle man and are able to give our customers the best, competitive price possible.

Not only are we involved in the design aspect and fabrication part, we also install them ourselves and iron draperies onsite if necessary, to guarantee an immaculate finished product.

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