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Furniture market finds

Recently we went to yet another furniture and design market (also known as a gift market) in Atlanta. We try to educate ourselves 4 times every year on latest design and decorating trends, new product information on existing and new lighting, furniture and accessory lines we carry. All in order to incorporate new design looks and customize our work to each specific client.

One item I really enjoyed finding, was an oval side table which is perfect for lots of applications because of its size and wood finish.

For a little more modern interior design (transitional to be exact) we found a slick bedside table/nightstand with antique brass legs and inserts. One great feature which we always look for in quality furniture are soft close drawers which are incorporated in this beautiful piece.

Our next market will be in Highpoint, NC which is the international furniture market with vendors from all over the world as well as buyers from all over the world.


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Bearden Remodeling project

I am excited to be working on a new remodeling job in the Bearden area. This is an older home, built approximately 20 years ago in a more traditional style, and we are completely changing it into a modern, contemporary home.  The majority of the time so far has been spent on reworking and rearranging living spaces, taking out walls and replacing them with contemporary steel beams, and working on interior finishes from flooring to wall as well as lighting. The kitchen and  bathrooms have been designed and the homeowner has ordered a free floating staircase with reclaimed wood steps and glass walls which will be a stunning focal point.

Major changes will also happen with the exterior and we are going to start working on interior furnishings and living spaces. I will continue to post pictures as this remodeling job is moving along.


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Stain proof fabrics

Is there such a thing as stain proof fabric? Not really. However there are fabrics on the market with new technologies.  Some of those fabrics ( offered by companies like Kravet,  Duralee, Fabricut, etc) with Nano technology or so called krypton fabrics, actually repel water and other liquids.

I am currently working on a job at Blackberry Farm, where they requested a fabric that would repell liquids. We are using this fabric mainly for seat cushions on built-in dormers, for pillows, as well as around the dining room table banquette. Of course those fabrics also come in handy to upholster furniture.

Event though those fabrics are much more durable, the cost of these fabrics is not much higher than quality upholstery fabric.


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Machine washable Lili Alessandra bedding

 I am blogging today to prove a point. Our washable bedding from Lili Alessandra even gets the stamp of approval from our four-legged friends and family members.

 I am in the process of making custom draperies and custom bedding for one of my customers and some of her bedding is from Lili Alessandra with a washable coverlet.  She picked up the coverlet yesterday and her cats are loving it today on this rainy Saturday!

 Lili Alessandra bedding  not only features beautiful color and design combinations, however  the machine washable bedding in linens, velvets ans polyester blends offer the highest quality and functionality.

The design possibilities are endless and we can mix in unique pillow fabrics or create custom draperies to complete a room design.

Thank you Beth for sharing pictures of your cute little kitties!!


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Freshening up

This time of the year I personally get the itch to freshen up my interiors, especially after putting away all the glorious Christmas decorations. Now spaces feel empty, somewhat missing color and pizzazz. This is the perfect time to  Bring in a new lamp, a new floral arrangement, maybe a new rug, or just the occasional accent piece or artwork.

The trend of grays, taupe colors, off whites, cream and other neutral colors in furniture and  custom draperies has been going on for quite a few years now,  and I am personally longing for a little bit more color in my designs and interior spaces.

A lot of our customers are asking us “What is the trend in interior design? What is the trend and style with custom draperies and bedding? And to me this is an interesting and fascinating question, because yes, we have seen this trend of neutrals at market for many years, however we also see all of our vendors bringing back more color. Also my suggestion is to always just go with what is pleasing to you and your eye and your personal style, instead of going with a trend.  But also our lifestyles change and sometimes this is reflected in more cleaner lines, cleaner designs, and more transitional styles.

We invite you to come into our beautiful store, browse a bit, and we are happy to help  you with your furniture selection, fabric selections,  etc.  We offer many of the same furniture lines that you can find with other vendors across town, but find out for yourself that the difference lies in our customer service and pricing which can not be beat!

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