Bearden Remodeling project

I am excited to be working on a new remodeling job in the Bearden area. This is an older home, built approximately 20 years ago in a more traditional style, and we are completely changing it into a modern, contemporary home.  The majority of the time so far has been spent on reworking and rearranging living spaces, taking out walls and replacing them with contemporary steel beams, and working on interior finishes from flooring to wall as well as lighting. The kitchen and  bathrooms have been designed and the homeowner has ordered a free floating staircase with reclaimed wood steps and glass walls which will be a stunning focal point.

Major changes will also happen with the exterior and we are going to start working on interior furnishings and living spaces. I will continue to post pictures as this remodeling job is moving along.


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Stain proof fabrics

Is there such a thing as stain proof fabric? Not really. However there are fabrics on the market with new technologies.  Some of those fabrics ( offered by companies like Kravet,  Duralee, Fabricut, etc) with Nano technology or so called krypton fabrics, actually repel water and other liquids.

I am currently working on a job at Blackberry Farm, where they requested a fabric that would repell liquids. We are using this fabric mainly for seat cushions on built-in dormers, for pillows, as well as around the dining room table banquette. Of course those fabrics also come in handy to upholster furniture.

Event though those fabrics are much more durable, the cost of these fabrics is not much higher than quality upholstery fabric.


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Machine washable Lili Alessandra bedding

 I am blogging today to prove a point. Our washable bedding from Lili Alessandra even gets the stamp of approval from our four-legged friends and family members.

 I am in the process of making custom draperies and custom bedding for one of my customers and some of her bedding is from Lili Alessandra with a washable coverlet.  She picked up the coverlet yesterday and her cats are loving it today on this rainy Saturday!

 Lili Alessandra bedding  not only features beautiful color and design combinations, however  the machine washable bedding in linens, velvets ans polyester blends offer the highest quality and functionality.

The design possibilities are endless and we can mix in unique pillow fabrics or create custom draperies to complete a room design.

Thank you Beth for sharing pictures of your cute little kitties!!


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Freshening up

This time of the year I personally get the itch to freshen up my interiors, especially after putting away all the glorious Christmas decorations. Now spaces feel empty, somewhat missing color and pizzazz. This is the perfect time to  Bring in a new lamp, a new floral arrangement, maybe a new rug, or just the occasional accent piece or artwork.

The trend of grays, taupe colors, off whites, cream and other neutral colors in furniture and  custom draperies has been going on for quite a few years now,  and I am personally longing for a little bit more color in my designs and interior spaces.

A lot of our customers are asking us “What is the trend in interior design? What is the trend and style with custom draperies and bedding? And to me this is an interesting and fascinating question, because yes, we have seen this trend of neutrals at market for many years, however we also see all of our vendors bringing back more color. Also my suggestion is to always just go with what is pleasing to you and your eye and your personal style, instead of going with a trend.  But also our lifestyles change and sometimes this is reflected in more cleaner lines, cleaner designs, and more transitional styles.

We invite you to come into our beautiful store, browse a bit, and we are happy to help  you with your furniture selection, fabric selections,  etc.  We offer many of the same furniture lines that you can find with other vendors across town, but find out for yourself that the difference lies in our customer service and pricing which can not be beat!

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New store location

It has been a long and strenuous 4 weeks, but we are open and back in business at our new location! We are located approximately 1/4 mile east of Lovell road on Kingston Pike.

Our new address is Wolfgang Interiors, 10532 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37922.

Our two store signs now read Wolfgang Interiors , as well as custom draperies and bedding which we are known for. We have a full gallery of custom drapery hardware, displaying motorized and non motorized hardware as well as Hunter Douglas silhouettes, Roman shades, full functioning traverse rods, etc.

Much of our bedding is washable velvet, linen and fabric blends, as well as custom fabric and design options.

We also continue to carry many different furniture, lighting, rug and accessory lines and have updated our inventory in order to reflect a fresh, new look.

The next few months will be filled with almost daily shipments of exciting and new gift ideas for the holidays and remember we also gift wrap to make your shopping experience even more enjoyable, fun and easy.

Come see us and browse through our store! We love to have you!


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Progress with current new construction project

Here is an update on one of our current project where I am assisting clients with the interior and exterior design of their new home. The outside has been painted and black shutters are on their way. Take a look at the progress on the interior trim work – comparing it with the picture when it was framed only.

Progress is also being made with tile work,  installation of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, installation of  lighting from visual comfort  and some key pieces like for example the powder room furniture piece. We are also currently working on fine tuning some wall colors and granite countertops should get installed this coming week.

Of course I can’t help myself being excited about bringing it all together with beautiful furniture, area rugs, custom window treatments and bedding, and all the finishing touches with accessories and art work.




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Final moving sale happening now

We are heading into our final  weeks of our biggest sale ever going on at our interior design and decorating store –  Our moving sale in preparation for moving to our new location. Wolfgang interiors and gifts is going to leave Turkey Creek after 13 years, and our new location will be on Kingston Pike close to Lovell Road. We are extremely excited, because we are ready for a change to improve our store, accessibility and location for all of our valued customers and friends.   Our new look will be much cleaner and brighter, with furniture reflecting a more transitional design style, however we will also  still cater to a more  traditional look, with great lines like Taylor King,  Palladin Furniture, Our House Design, Lorts, Visual  Comfort, Currey  and Company, Fairfield, and many, many more.  All of our fabric lines, drapery and bedding  trims, wallpaper, lighting and accessory lines will be featured on the big design wall with a design center in the back.  Our other focus will be on being Knoxville’s premier provider for custom window treatments and draperies, custom bedding and interior design work for new construction as well as commercial projects. We will also feature a wide array of drapery hardware in metal,  wood, motorized, and non motorized, all of which come in many different finishes as well as custom finishes.

Come see us during our final days at our current location and take advantage of our huge moving sale where everything is 25 to 75% off. Those are the greatest deals ever! We are planning on opening our new location on Kingston Pike at the beginning to middle of September in time for fall and the holiday season.

We are looking forward […]

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Vinyl rugs

Here is a picture of a client’s dining room who purchased our Noir dining room set and finished it off with a vinyl rug. Our vinyl rugs are a fabulous and less expensive option for areas with either high traffic, sun exposure, young children, dogs, etc…

We use  them in all sorts of design scenarios, they are scratch resistant, washable, partially UV resistant and for indoor and outdoor areas and especially suitable for screened-in porches or sunrooms.

I  personally have two vinyl rugs in our kitchen. One is in front of the sink because of water spills, anothe larger one is in front of our cooktop.   Besides the fact that they are decorative and everybody loves them, they also keep the cold tile floor warm in winter and the dogs enjoy sleeping on them. A thin patting underneath it makes them even softer and easier to stand on for longer periods while cooking or doing dishes.

They are great for lots of different design projects and hundreds of different pattern and color combinations make it easy to find the perfect fit for every home design.




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Blackberry Farm bed crown treatment

Completed another  great looking bed crown treatment at Blackberry Farm, Walland, Tennessee with interior designer Susan Wojnar. The headboard is upholstered in the same fabric and a complimenting lining fabric was chosen for the custom drapery treatment. It takes some extra “creative thinking and constructing” on all parts in order to accomplish unique looks and to deliver this beautiful end product. Of course everything is interlined and parts of the treatment is hand sewn. Thank you Blackberry Farm for letting our custom drapery workroom be part of this and many other exciting projects!


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Moving sale

We are so excited to announce that we will be moving our store from Turkey Creek to Kingston Pike close to Lovell Road. This will give us much better visibility and will make it easier for you our customers to come visit our beautiful store. Currently we are running a huge moving sale with the majority of our items on sale from 25 to 45% off. This applies to lighting,  accessories, furniture, and  gifts. At the same time we are excited to be working on our new location, which will have the main focus on our design center, custom furniture, custom draperies and bedding.

We will still be a great source for bridal gifts or gifts for any occasion (gift wrapping optional) and seasonal decorating, however our main focus will be  residential and commercial interior design, new construction, decorating services, design services, custom draperies and bedding, unique furniture, lighting, rugs, and accessories.


SALE is going on now through the end of July!


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